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Recently I came across a blog article from the guys at talking about how they recently increased conversions by 25% after introducing a new design to their site. Coming from a background in web design and having a lot of experience in lead-generation (i.e. designing customized landing pages), I was very impressed with their design and execution of their landing page. It’s exactly what I envisioned the perfect landing page to look like. Aside from the overall clean design, there are several elements on the page that makes it the “perfect landing page”. Below is a screenshot of the landing page along with my comments on the different sections. Hopefully with this information you’ll be able to take away some techniques and apply them to your own projects to improve conversions. Also, if you’re in the market for a new car, give their service a try.’s Landing Page

Elements that makes this the perfect landing page…

1. Effective headline: Short, concise and informative. Generally, when directing users to a page like this from an advertisement (i.e. Google Adwords or banner ad), you would match the headline with the message used on the ad.

2. Hero Video: Video is highly effective when done well. Over the past few years, using a video in place of your normal “hero” image has gotten to be quite popular. If done well, it’s been known to increase conversions over pages that doesn’t include video. This video by CarWoo does a great job at informing the user how CarWoo’s service works in under 2 minutes. It’s professional, creative and easy to follow. After watching the video, you’re very clear how the service works, not confused. The large “Play” button along with the call to action text (See how CarWoo works) definitely is a nice touch and draws your attention.

3. Sign-Up (Call to Action) Button: Great location and perfect color as orage has been known to convert over other colors such as green, red, etc. It’s a great location because as you click from page to page, the call-to-action is always there allowing users to easily sign-up with one click from any page.

4. Guaranteed Satisfaction “Seal”: Creative seals like this are effective ways to subconsciously get the users thinking in a positive way. You would be amazed that how little seals, badges and other positive icons helps conversions.

5. Sign-Up Form (Front and Center): The sign-up form is in a great location, short and easy to read. Having your sign-up form on the right side is known to convert better than forms on the left. My theory is that when someone lands on your site, users generally read from left to right, so having the form on the right side allows the user to absorb the site’s information without the sign-up form being an annoyance. Also, the blackish/grey border around the form is key in adding enough contrast on the page and draws your eye tightly into the form fields. Lastly, the orange “Sign-up Now” button is a great color choice as orange converts really well over other colors. Testing different call-to-action phrases is highly important here as a slight word change can sometimes increase conversions.

6. Quantitative Stats/Phrases: Using phrases and messages with quantitative stats and information is known to be highly effective over generic marketing phrases. Telling users that CarWoo has saved customers over $31,054,365 million dollars in savings sounds much more believable than saying “we saved our customers millions of dollars!”.

7. Video Testimonials: Testimonials are always a great selling tool for any product or service…video testimonials are better. CarWoo claims these are “real” testimonials and even has video footage to show. Personally, I would be VERY careful here as testimonials on the web are generally sketchy and questionable. So if you are going to do “real” customer testimonials, I would make sure to share more context with each video. Ask the customer a question. Share which car they purchased. Share some information that identifies the testimonials as authentic. Just having a customer say “You’re awesome, you saved me money!” even if they are “real” customers can come off as not that believable. So yes, video testimonials are great, but it’s a thin line between authentic and cheesy. The best video testimonials I’ve seen so far have been done by the folks at 37signals with their basecamp product.

8. As Seen on…(Fox News, NBC, etc.): Sharing media mentions of your product/service if available is highly recommended and only helps add value to your company and your product. Sharing media mentions of your service lets that user know that your product is valuable,…at least enough to get mentioned.

9. Social Media (Like, Share options): CarWoo does a great job here in effectively integrating a Facebook widget directly into their page and making it apart of the overall design instead of just an afterthought. With features like this Facebook widget, it automatically adds credibility as in seeing how many others have “liked” the page, but also acts as an additional marketing tool. The more people share, the more exposure your products gets. If nothing else, it adds value to your business with the “cool” factor and giving you brownie points for being on the cutting edge of technology.

10. Help Option: Lastly, if you’re still not sold on the product/service, CarWoo does a great job in making it known that they’re here to help. Having options like this gives the user encouragement that they’re not alone. At any moment, I can easily click help and ask a question via online chat. Excellent tool for increasing conversions as users quite often will have questions before going through with a purchase.

My Video Review

Hope you enjoyed this review of the CarWoo landing page. ~ Mike


    April 15th, 2011 at 11:05 am

    I think we were separated at birth.

    This is exactly what I’m doing right now, lots of landing pages.

    ANOTHER uber timely and to the point tutorial!

    Mike Locke    
    April 15th, 2011 at 2:34 pm

    @OlympiaLogger – Too funny,…glad this post could be of help to you. ;)

    April 15th, 2011 at 4:13 pm

    it’s again and always i will say thank you ..

    Mike Locke    
    April 16th, 2011 at 7:26 am

    @Hady – You’re welcome, thanks for the feedback.

    Jan Dirk Rabie    
    June 6th, 2011 at 12:28 pm

    A landing page must convert a visitor into a regular customer. THanks for the tips

    August 28th, 2012 at 4:31 pm

    I’m a PHP and WordPress coder. I assist affiliate marketers and performance marketers. Looking at your post here, I’d say from experience that this is a decent lander template because it’s a short-form template. I haven’t had good luck with long-form templates. And among all my clients who were hugely successful, short-form templates worked better than long-form templates. I guess people have to learn the hard way. But only several series of split-testing can prove this to you.

    Another tactic to try in split-testing is to remove everything below the “Over…” line half-way down the page, and simply use a 2 column list of bold-heading features and descriptions along with sectional screenshots of around 360×200 in size. Below each feature, add a green or orange Learn More button that simply scrolls the page up to the top and starts the video.

    Still another tactic for split-testing is to make a page 1 and a page 2. On page 1, keep the video super short and encourage people to fill out the form to learn more. That gets people on your opt-in mailing list with like AWeber or something like that. Then, on page 2, repeat this same page as page 1, but make the video longer and continue where you left off, plus add a 2-column, bold heading sectional screenshot feature list below the video, and remove the signup form — just put your Buy Now button there. On page 2, put the Buy Now beside the video as well as at the bottom.

    And whatever you do — never be satisfied. Split-test every week at least one thing on every campaign you’re running. And don’t to $n = rand(1,2) type split tests because they’re inaccurate — use true A/B split testing with like an A/B flipper file, and use cookies and/or session vars to ensure a given IP address stays on campaign A and doesn’t end up seeing campaign B, or vice-versa, the next time they come back.

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