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Phase 1: Adobe Fireworks Training
Adobe Fireworks Overview Walk-Through (33:28)
How To Create a Vector Mask (4:41)
How To Create Gradients on Shapes & Text (5:11)
How To Export and Slice Images (JPG, GIF and PNG's) (12:29)
How To Work with the Color Picker (9:51)
How To Create Icons (10:06)
How To Work with Vector Objects (14:21)
How To Create an Image Map (7:50)
How To Import an Image (2:03)
How To Crop Images (6:48)
How To Work with Pages & Layers (6:32)
How To Align Objects (4:13)
How To Create and Use Symbols (4:06)
How To Create Animated GIFs (5:39)
How To Create a Static Prototype (6:59)
How To Create a Prototype PDF (3:01)
How To Work with the Text Features (13:47)
Phase 2: How To Design a Website
Step 1: The Kick-Off Meeting (7:35)
Step 2: Research (19:19)
Step 3: Organize & Gather Content (9:58)
Step 4: Wireframe the Home Page (24:55)
Step 4: Wireframe the Features & Specs Page (24:29)
Step 4: Wireframe the Photo Gallery Page (9:51)
Step 4: Wireframe the Brochure Download Page (Web Form) (13:10)
Step 4: Wireframe the "Get a Quote" Page (Web Form) (5:24)
Step 4: Prototype Wireframes (7:10)
Step 5: Design the Home Page Background & Header (33:53)
Step 5: Design the Home Page Billboard (32:04)
Step 5: Design the Home Page Content (3 Boxes) (27:02)
Step 5: Design the Features & Specs Page (41:59)
Step 5: Design the Photo Gallery Page (14:31)
Step 5: Design the Brochure Download Page (Web Form) (26:59)
Step 5: Design the "Get a Quote" Page (Web Form) (25:33)
Step 6: Create an Interactive Prototype of Final Design (14:30)
Phase 3: How To Code a Website in HTML/CSS
Coding the Background & Header (Setup Your HTML & CSS File) (42:34)
Coding the Home Page Billboard Section (42:39)
Coding the Home Page Content Section (3 boxes) (54:45)
Coding the Features & Specs Page (Part 1) (57:26)
Coding the Features & Specs Page (Part 2) (43:04)
Coding the Photo Gallery Page (1:06:14)
Coding the Brochure Download Page (54:48)
Coding the Get a Quote Page (32:41)
Web Form - How to Clear Text Field when Clicked (7:05)
Web Form - Making your Web Form Function Using 3rd Party Provider (19:31)
Test, Monitor & QA (10:50)
Complete Adobe Fireworks Training
  • Learn the essential skills of Adobe Fireworks
  • Get a complete walk-through
  • Learn how to design anything in Fireworks
  • Learn how to master vector objects
  • Learn how to master the pen tool
  • Over 18 individual tutorials
  • New tutorials added weekly
How To Design a Complete Website
  • Learn my complete process for designing websites
  • Get step-by-step in depth hands on training
  • Watch as I build a website from concept to end
  • Get a deep understanding on how Adobe Fireworks is used for "real-world" visual and UI design
  • Learn wireframing techniques
  • Learn prototyping techniques
  • Learn what questions to ask and how to research when designing a website
How To Code a Website in HTML/CSS
  • Learn how to hand code an entire website in basic HTML/CSS
  • Learn how to align elements on a page with CSS
  • Learn how to export images from Adobe Fireworks and position them with CSS
  • Learn a deep understanding of HTML/CSS
  • Learn how to add a CMS to your website
  • Learn how to easily get web forms to work on your website
  • Some videos are 50 minutes long, training is very in-depth
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